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What happens to skip waste

Have you hired a skip or are you considering hiring a skip? If so, you will be aware that skips are filled with a variety of items. Including home items such as furniture, garden waste or electrical items. Alternatively, it could be commercial waste for instance rubble from the demolition or the refurbishment of a building. So, what happens to your waste once this skip hire company takes your skip away? We explain in this article how David Brown Skip Hire manages the disposal of waste.

Your waste is recycled

Many people assume that skip waste goes straight to the landfill and in some cases it does. However, at David Brown Skips we recycle 85 % of the waste we collect in our skips. At our yard we have a dedicated waste transfer station and all waste is brought here ready to be sorted for recycling.

Waste transfer station sorting process

Once the waste reaches our transfer station all larger items are removed for separate disposal. The remaining waste is sorted by our team of pickers to identify which waste can be reused or recycled. The waste is organised into categories for example: scrap metal, glass, rubble, plaster board, plastic, garden waste, wood and electrical goods.  Though are a few electrical goods that cannot be recycled, for instance kettles, toasters, cameras, hair dryers & hair straighteners. Once the waste it is sorted it is distributed to the relevant facility to be recycled.

 How waste is utilised

Recycled material often takes less energy to make into new products than making a product from scratch which has a positive impact on the environment and sustainability. For example:

  • Concrete, hardcore, rubble and glass are usually crushed and used for sub-base gravel.
  • Garden waste goes to a composting facility to be mulched and used for fertiliser.
  • Wood is sent to recycling wood sawmill and chipped into small pieces. Then depending on the type of wood it can be used for animal bedding, wooden panel boards or biomass material which can be used as fuel to generate heat or energy.
  • Metals need to be separated into different types and sent to their relevant facility. These are melted down and can be used for food cans or car parts.
Asbestos disposal

Asbestos is a hazardous material which cannot go to the landfill and can only be dealt with by certain waste companies who have the correct procedure in place to dispose of it at an Environment Agency approved location. At David Brown Skip Hire safety is our priority therefore we use sealed skips to transport asbestos to ensure that no airborne particles are released during transportation.

Choosing the right skip company

It is important when looking for skip hire company you research their waste disposal methods as well as the cost.  By choosing a company that is committed to recycling as much as waste as possible rather than just sending it to the landfill. You can feel confident that you are having a positive impact on the environment and sustainability. At David Brown Skip Hire we are committed to recycling a minimum of 85% of all waste we collect.  To find out more about our waste disposal process or the cost of our skips please get in touch. Either call 0800 99801216, email  or complete our online form.  And our friendly team will advise you to ensure you book the right skip for your requirements.

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