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A history of convenience

While the exact inventor of the skip remains unknown, the first documented use of a “skip” for rubbish dates back to 1922. These early versions were likely adaptations of existing metal containers, progressing from horse-drawn carts and manual waste removal.

Convenient solution

The concept quickly gained traction. Skips offered a convenient and centralised solution for accumulating large amounts of waste, particularly during construction or demolition projects. Over the following decades, the design evolved, incorporating features like increased durability, standardised sizes, and eventually, the now-iconic open-top design for easy loading.

Today’s skip industry

The modern skip industry is a well-oiled machine. Skip hire companies like David Brown Skip Hire  based in Harlow deliver skips to your location. Then once full we will collect them and ensure proper waste disposal, aiming to recycle as much of the collected waste as possible. At David Brown Skips we aim to recycle 95% of the waste we collect. Find out more about how we recycle your waste here.

Benefits of a local independent skip company

If you are thinking of hiring a skip, here’s why using a local, independent skip company can be beneficial. Unlike larger national chains, local providers often prioritise customer service. At David Brown Skips we offer:

  • Flexibility: Willingness to accommodate your specific needs, like tight delivery spaces or shorter rental periods.
  • Competitive Rates: As an independent company we are more price conscious, offering competitive rates to retain our local customers.
  • Environmental Focus: We have a strong commitment to responsible waste management, supporting local recycling initiatives and offering eco-friendly skip options.
  • Community Focus: Choosing a local skip company like David Brown Skips means supporting a business invested in your community’s well-being.

Don’t forget the humble skip

So next time you have a project that’s generating significant waste, consider the humble skip and the role it’s played in waste management history. Opting for a local skip company like David Brown Skip Hire can not only simplify your project but also contribute to a more sustainable and community-focused approach to waste disposal. Find out more about our skip hire via our website or call David for a quote 07802 843100

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