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The dos and don’ts of recycling

Recycling is a topic which has been brought to the attention of the general public quite heavily in recent years. With the onset of proliferating global warming issues, our environment has been quite the cause for concern, and recycling is one effort which the general public can play their part in to help improve the state of our country’s – and world’s – environmental systems.

There are, however, a number of misconceptions and mistakes that people make when recycling. Here, we aim to dispel any myths surrounding the subject of recycling, and teach anyone reading how to recycle in the most effective manner possible.

Do: Check for local requirements

Some recycling plants function differently from others, with not all plants being set up to handle the same types and items of waste, so make sure you are aware of exactly what types of waste – specifically plastics – can be collected and recycled in your area.

To discover which plastic items can be recycled, use the numbers on the bottom of the items. This will help to save manpower further down the recycling process as the relevant plastics are already correctly sorted.

Do: Separate items (as and when required)

A number of British cities ask that you separate different items of rubbish into separate bins. For instance, all paper recyclables go together, where plastics are in another bin, as are glass items and metal items in another. Make sure you find out whether your local council requires you to separate your rubbish in this manner before you can proceed with the correct recycling practice.

Don’t: Put your recycling in bags

Though the goods you are throwing away may be recyclable, they should not be placed into a plastic bag first as they will clog the sorting machines in recycling plants. Rather than placing the items into a bag, simply put the rubbish straight into the bin and it can be recycled effectively.

Do: Recycle your plastic bags separately

Though plastic bags should not be placed into recycling alongside other goods, they should still be recycled; they just require separate processing. There are special bins for clean, empty plastic bags which can usually be found at large supermarkets, so simply collect the bags at your home and take them to be recycled.

Don’t: Recycle any food

Though you can put food into compost, you cannot recycle it – so be careful to clean out food containers when placing them into the recycling to get rid of all food residue left inside.

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