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The dangers of rubbish and waste mounting up

Households produce large amounts of waste on a daily basis, and it is no surprise that this waste can quickly mount up, leading to dangerous amounts of rubbish forming unsightly, unhygienic collections. Here, we run through some of the more apparent dangers of rubbish and waste mounting up at any premises.


Rubbish building up can attract a range of pests including vermin and insects, all of which can spread infection and make for an extremely unpleasant environment within your outdoors area.

Fire hazard

A lot of household waste is flammable, so by simply letting it pile up in your garden or outdoors space, you run the risk of creating a serious fire hazard at your property.


When large amounts of waste are collected in one area, due to both the nature of the waste and the large numbers of pest and vermin, piles of waste really are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which can spread into a wider area in your property’s outside space.

Unsightly and smelly

Some of the more superficial aspects, the unsightly appearance and unpleasant smell of rubbish piles are also valid reasons for removing rubbish piles before they grow too large and take over your space.

If you are experiencing a waste pile-up at your property or workplace, why not hire a skip in which you can dispose of all your rubbish and have it taken away, freeing up your space and giving you total peace of mind. Skips are quick and easy to hire without costing the earth, and can provide a simple solution to your waste disposal problems.

Here at David Brown Skip Hire, we are proud to provide an expert skip hire service to customers throughout Harlow, Epping, Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding areas. We also offer recycling services for all household, commercial and industrial waste, so for any more information on these services, our skip hire, or for any other enquiry, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today and we’ll be happy to help with any queries you may have.

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