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Once the Christmas festivities have finished it is the per time to declutter your home. Remove any rubbish and refresh your home and garden ready for the new year. If you have decided to have a good clear out then hiring a skip is the ideal solution for removing garden, household waste and Christmas left overs. As everyone is more aware of the impact of rubbish on our environment looking at what can be recycled is important. Read our Christmas recycling and home declutter tips.

 Christmas recycling tips

Many of the items left after our Christmas celebrations can be recycled and knowing what and where to recycle things is key.

  1. Glass and plastic bottles can go either in your home recycling collection or to a bottle bank.
  2. Christmas cards any cards do not wish to keep can also go into your home recycling collection or into your skip if you have chosen to hire one.
  3. Christmas tree- Real Christmas trees can be recycled. At David Brown Skip Hire we provide a Christmas tree recycling service for a small charge of £10.00. Drop your Christmas tree at our yard and we will take it to the wood recycling centre free of charge. Our yard is open Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm view our website to find our location.
Get clearing

Once your Christmas items have been sent to recycling it is a good time to start looking at the rest of your home and garden.  Are you struggling to find things in garage, is everything lost under an unorganised mess. Is your loft full?  Do you have cupboards that are jammed packed? If so, now is a good time to start to declutter.

 Garden & shed

Start with your garden. Do you have lots of trees and hedges that need trimming. Do you have any unwanted debris lying around. Is your shed packed to the brim? Do you have old garden furniture that needs replacing or even a fence. Then its time clear out the garden and the easiest way to manage the removal of all your garden and home rubbish is to hire a skip. A skip can be dropped to your drive and can filled with all the waste from your home and garden and once full collected so you do not have to make several trips to the rubbish or recycling centre.

 Skip options

At David Brown skip we offer a wide range of skips to hire which can be booked for domestic and commercial hire. We also offer same day delivery so if your project suddenly became bigger than expected you can call us and we will deliver a skip on the same day. Skips range from 4-yard up a 12-yards and you can put the majority of household items in a skip. See full list of what you can and can’t put in a skip here.

 Skip exchange

If you find yourself filling your skip quickly and you have more rubbish than your thought, we offer a skip exchange service. This is where one of our drivers will take the full skip away and replacement with a new empty skip. So, if you think your skip is reaching capacity call us on 0800 9981216 and we will arrange for skip swap.

 Peace of mind

Using the right skip hire company is important.  David Brown Skip Hire are a reputable skip company and committed to providing all our clients with an excellent service.  It’s important to check when ordering a skip that the hire company recycle as much of the collected waste as possible. At David Brown Skips we are fully committed to waste recycling and recycle 85% of all waste we collect in our skips. If you are interested in hiring a skip call us 0800 99801216, email  or complete our online form.  And our friendly team will advise so you book the right skip for your requirements.


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