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How to dispose of electronics, phones and gadgets

Mobile phones, laptops, tablets – if your beloved electronic device has bitten the dust, don’t simply throw it away. Electronic waste, or WEEE items, contain harmful substances, such as toxic metals and chemicals which can cause serious issues if disposed of incorrectly.

Instead, they require careful treatment and specialist disposal. In this article we’ll cover how not to throw away your past-it gadgets, and instead guide you on the legal and safe ways in which to lay your electronics to rest.

Can I put electronics in a skip?

Skips are safe, convenient choices for disposing of a diverse range of waste. However, electronic waste cannot be legally disposed of in a skip. Fortunately, there are several other routes you can go down to easily rid yourselves of electrical waste in a legally-compliant, environmentally-conscious manner.

How to Dispose of Electronics, Phones and Gadgets?

Recycle It: Waste-free, green-living is big news at the moment, and this influence extends to electronic items too. Recycling is the most common, and responsible, way to dispose of your gadgets whilst giving them a second lease of life. You may now be wondering; how do I recycle my electrical item?

The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) governs how countries should approach recycling electronic items, with the aim being to avoid wasteful and harmful disposal. The good news is that almost all electrical items with a plug, charger or battery can be recycled at recycling centres across the country; a quick internet search should reveal your local options.

Alternatively, some manufacturers offer their own recycling schemes, and going down this path could potentially reward you with perks or discounts in the future.

Donate It: Whether your device still works or not, there may be willing volunteers to take them off your hands. This could be as simple as gifting it to a family member or friend. It may also be worth checking with charities or NGOs to see if they run second-hand electronic schemes which will help your device make a difference to someone’s life.

Sell It: If you want to make some extra cash off the back of your old electronics, the capacity to do so is at your fingertips. Websites such as eBay and Gumtree have made flogging your second-hand goods a simple process that anybody with a computer can accomplish.

A final note: Whichever method you choose, always remember to remove any personal data or details from your electronic devices before disposing of them.

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